Second Level Domains

TLD/SLD Limitations
.com.eg You must have a local DNS Server in EgyptGeneric terms are not permitted for registration in EgyptRegistration is ONLY availble to:
(1) Companies registered in Egypt.
(2) The holders trade marks registered in Egypt.
If registering on the basis of a registered Egyptian trade mark the domain name must be identical to the trade mark.
To complete the registration emni will require the following information:
(1) If registering on the basis of a trade mark, copy of the trade mark certificate is required.
(2) If registering on the basis of a company registered in Egypt requires (i) a copy of the company's enter on the Egyptian Commercial Register.
(ii) Full address and contact details for the company registered in Egypt.
(3) Requires Name Servers located in Egypt.
After placing an order please fax this information to +44 207 549 5274 clearly labeling the domain names.