Second Level Domains

TLD/SLD Limitations
.ac.id Available to academic institutions granting D3+ degrees within Indonesia only.
.co.id Registration is only available to Indonesian companies.
An Indonesian trade mark registered to a non Indonesian company is non sufficient.
The domain names must correspond to the name of the proposed registrant.
The Indonesian company will be recorded as the registrant/owner.
There is no restriction on the number of co.id domains that can be registered to a single Indonesian company.
To complete the registration emni will require the following information:
(1) Full address and contact details for the company registered in Indonesia.
(2) A copy of one of the following local documentation:
(A) A notariased deed of the company registration certificate.
(B) The Taxpayer Number of the company registered in Indonesia.
(This number in the form of 125-375-4100)
(C) A copy of the entry at Registry of Company (Registration Mark)
(3) The details below of the Indonesian company.
(i) Keterangan
(ii) Identitas
(iii) Kontak Cepat
(4) If registering on the basis of a trade mark registered in Indonesia the following local information regarding the trade mark is required 'Sertifikat Merek/Sertifikat Jasa'.
(5) Please note that some applications may require the one of the following local information
(A) Akte Notaris
(B) Surat Keputusan
(C) SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan)
(D) Nomor Izin Operasi
(E) Statuta
(F) Ijin Usaha sejenis.
After placing the order please fax this information to +44 207 549 5274 clearly labeling the domain names.