Second Level Domains

TLD/SLD Limitations
.co.in Registration is restricted to 3 categories of Indian entities
(1) Publicly Limited Companies registered in India.
(2) Privately Limited Companies registered in India.
(3) Banks located in India.
It is possible to register multiple domain names derived from the name of the proposed legal registrant.
The Indian entity will be recorded as the legal registrant of the domain name.
Information required
(A) If a registered Indian Public or Private company will be recorded as the legal registrant/owner requires either the proposed legal registrant/owner requires:
(I) copy of the Certificate of Incorporation under Companies Act.
or (II) a copy of the registered Trade Mark.
or (III) a copy of a application for a registered Trade Mark which indicates that the Trade Mark has been searched through the all classes.
(B) If a Indian bank is the proposed legal registrant/owner requires a copy of the approval of status from The Reserve Bank of India.