Second Level Domains

TLD/SLD Limitations
.com.my Registration is ONLY available to businesses, organisation and companies registered in Malaysia.
The Malaysian entity will be recorded as the legal registrant of the domain.
To complete the registration emni will require the following information:
(1) Requires a copy of the standard company business certificate of the Malaysian entity.
(2) The Company Registration Number of the company registered in Malaysia.
(3) A letter of authorisation from the appropriate Malaysian Ministry (for example The Ministry of Industrial Trade and Industry (MITI) or the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) stating Malaysian the Malaysian repetitive of the Malaysian company.
This should state that the Ministry approves the representative office of the proposed registrant/owner company registered in Malaysia, and that who the local representative will be.
The Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry is located at http://www.miti.gov.my/ and the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs URL at http://www.kln.gov.my/ .
emni can provide sample statements.
emni do NOT require the original statement. A facsimile is sufficient
(4) Full address and contact details for the Malaysian companies.
After placing the order please fax this information to +44 207 549 5274 clearly stating the domain name or order number.