Second Level Domains

TLD/SLD Limitations
.com.sa Registration is restricted to 3 categories of entities
(A) entities physically located in Saudi Arabia.
(B) entities registered in Saudi Arabia.
(C) The owners of Saudi Arabian trademarks.
The domain name must correspond to the trading names of the proposed legal registrant/owner.
If registering of the basis of a registered Saudi Arabian trade mark the domain name must be identical to the trademark.
There is no restriction of the number of Saudi Arabian domain names that may be registered to a single entity.
It is possible to record a non Saudi Arabian entity as the registrant/owner if that entity is owner of a registered Saudi Arabian trade mark.
To complete the registration emni will require the following information:
(1) A letter of authorisation (to be provided by emni) to be printed onto the proposed administrative contacts headed paper and signed by the proposed administrative contact.
(A) If register on the basis of a entity registered in Saudi Arabia requires a valid copy of the valid Commercial Registrations from Ministry of Commerce (MOC) or equivalent documents.
(B) If registering on the basis of a Saudi Arabian trade mark requires a copy of the trade mark.
(2) Full address and contact details of the proposed legal registrant.