With a virtual server you combine the best of a shared hosting and dedicated server.

Each virtual Server runs its own operating system and shares only the hardware with other virtual servers. The resources like CPU and memory are restricted to each virtual server to avois that one server will cause bad performance on other clients.

Because only one physical hardware ist running and shared between multiple clients, the costs are small compatred to a dedicated server. But the flexibility and security is similar.

You can manage your virtual server by your own or just rent a managed server from us. In this case we will maintain and install software for you and you don‘t need all the knowledge to do this.

Example Prices

Virtual Server Windows
60 GB hard disk, 4 GB memory
Windows Server Std
121.00 per month

Virtual Server Linux
60 GB hard disk, 2 GB memory
99.00 per month

  • Managed server
  • Additional IP addresses
  • Online backup service
  • Server monitoring
  • additional software (ColdFusion, MS SQL Server, ...)