When we started our hosting business over 15 years ago, we were looking for a management tool that would allow our clients to manage their own internet presence. At this time, the offer of such applications was unfortunately more than poor. No product supported both LInux and Windows, and ColdFusion Support was non-existent. We therefore decided to develop our own Control Panel. The CENTINATED Admincenter has been grown over the years and now offers countless features. Since it is our in-house development and tailored to our business, we can make adjustments at any time, if requested by our customers.

You can manage all your subscriptions and services online - whenever you want. The admincenter offers:
  • Own account and users
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoices
  • Shared Hosting
    • FTP accounts
    • Databases
    • E-Mail accounts und aliases
    • Statistics
    • Logfiles
  • Dedicated Server
  • Virtual Server
  • Domains
  • DNS Zones
  • SMS Gateway
  • MX-Backup
  • Backup
  • etc.



Our datacenters are located in Berne, Switzerland, and they ­feature big backbone networks, multiple backup power ­supplies, several gigabits of local loop to the internet, and numerous ­security systems.

All customers who subscribe to our services enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of having their infrastructure in this facility.


Our datacenters have their own transformation stations with ­multiple supply lines. Emergency DC battery banks are ­constantly being charged. Always online, these batteries ­provide ­approximately 1.0 hours of emergency power. However, the ­batteries are only required to carry the load of the facility for ­several seconds while the diesel generator system is starting up.

Heat recovery

Through a heat recovery in the datacenter, a school nearby is heated during the winter. This helps to save around 10’000 liter of heating oil per month – what means about 26 tons of CO2.


The datacenters houses multiple gigabits of local loop to the ­Internet. One datacenter hosts a switch of the national ­peering-point Swissix with more than one hundred participants.


The datacenters building features a redundant suite of ­security systems. In case of fire the room will be flooded with a fire ­suppression gaz to avoid any bigger damage.